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In addition, we would like to offer to you the History behind the 2010 Victorinox Limited Edition Damascus SAK .
Issue 2017, vol. 2 (July, 2017)
Swiss Bianco titanium scales for 91mm SAKs
Titanium drinking straws
AR rifle partsh
Issue 2017, vol. 1 (February, 2017)
Swiss Bianco Orange and OD Green G10 Scales for 91mm SAKs
Issue 2016, vol. 4 (December, 2016)
Red, Green, Blue, and Black Pioneer X without key ring
Green and Blue Soldier
Issue 2016, vol. 3 (August, 2016)
Swiss Bianco 100% Solid Copper Scales for 91mm Victorinox knives
Issue 2016, vol. 2 (May/June, 2016)
Matterhorn Gray Bantam, Cadet, Solo, Pruner, Electrician, Soldier, Farmer, Harvester
Tropical Turquoise Bantam, Cadet, Solo, Pruner, Electrician, Soldier, Farmer, Harvester
Issue 2016, vol. 1 (April, 2016)
Swiss Chocolate Brown Bantam, Cadet, Solo, Pruner, Electrician, Soldier, Farmer, Harvester
Lake Lucerne Blue Bantam, Cadet, Solo, Pruner, Electrician, Soldier, Farmer, Harvester
STGW 90 / SIG 550 SAK
Issue 2015, vol. 6 (December, 2015)
Kelly Green Bantam, Cadet, Pruner, Electrician, Soldier, Farmer
Rose Pink Bantam, Cadet, Pruner, Electrician, Soldier, Farmer
Silver Firesteel Cadet and Apocalypse Green Firesteel Famer
Issue 2015, vol. 5 (October, 2015)
Sky Blue Bantam, Cadet, Solo, Pruner, Electrician, Soldier, Farmer
Apocalyplse Green Bantam, Cadet, Solo, Pruner, Electrician, Soldier, Farmer
Peony Pink Cadet, Electrician, Soldier, Farmer
Issue 2015, vol. 4 (September, 2015)
All-Black Soldier, Harvester, Pruner, Farmer, Electrician
All-Red Soldier, Farmer, Electrician
Summer Lavender Bantam, Cadet, Solo, Pruner, Pioneer, Farmer
Issue 2015, vol. 3 (June/July, 2015)
Coyote Brown Alox Electrician Carver, Electrician Plus, Farmer, Soldier, Bushcrafter, Cadet, and Rambler
OD Green Alox Carver, Farmer, Soldier, Cadet, Lumberjack, and Vagabond
Issue 2015, vol. 2 (May, 2015)
Silver Alox Farmer SW, Carver SW, Micro-Farmer, Lumberjack, and Rambler
Yeoman Mk.VI in red and Yeoman MS in black
3rd run of splash anodized Light My Fire Titanium Spork
Issue 2015, vol. 1 (March, 2015)
Alox Farmer, Soldier, Cadet, Vagabond, and Rambler in Summer Lavender (a.k.a. Lilac)
Alox Farmer, Soldier, Cadet, Micro-Farmer, and Rambler in Burgundy
Alox Carver SW, Vagabond, and Rambler in Naranja Orange
Swiss Bianco Gear Patches on Apocalypse Green and Davy's Gray with Red Logo
Issue 2014, vol. 4 (November, 2014)
Red Alox First Mate and Midshipman
Apocalypse Green Alox Sea Rancher and First Mate
Blue Alox Marine Soldier
Orange Alox Midshipman and Castaway
Issue 2014, vol. 3 (October, 2014)
Alox Farmer, Soldier, Cadet, Cadet Plus, and Rambler in Moonlight Silver (a.k.a. Cool Gray)
Alox Rancher, Bushcrafter, and Lumberjack in Naranja Orange
Rancher in blue and olive green, Bushcrafter in Red, and Vagabond M in Davy's Gray
Alox splash Farmers and Vagabonds and fileworked marlin spike SAKs
Black Alox Pioneer with red/silver shield
Issue 2014, vol. 2 (June/July, 2014)
Alox Micro-Farmer, Bushcrafter, Soldier, Farmer, Harvester, and Carver in Davy's Gray (a.k.a. Gunmetal)
Alox Micro-Farmer, Pruner, Pioneer, Rancher, Farmer, and Harvester in Apocalypse Green
Swissbianco Design Timberline 1911 Tool
Victorinox paracord bracelets, layards/fobs, pins, Swissbianco patches
Issue 2014, vol. 1 (March, 2014)
Alox Seaman, Sailor, Marine Soldier, Sea Rancher, First Mate, Midshipman, and Castaway in Red, Gold, and Blue
Limited Eidition 2013 Damascus - Carl Elsener Sr. commemorative edition
Alox Minichamps in red, black, and silver
Cellidor and nylon scales
Issue 2013, vol. 2 (July, 2013)
"Apocalypse Green" Alox Carver, 2011 Alox Soldier, Farmer, Bushcrafter, Lumberjack, and Rambler
Yeoman Mk. V - Sapphire blue
111mm Clip Kit
Hultafors GK
Issue 2013, vol. 1 (February, 2013)
Copper and Silver Alox Carver
Copper and Silver Alox Vagabond
Copper and Silver Alox Minichamp
Copper 2011 Alox Soldier, Farmer, Bushcrafter, Cadet Plus, Lumberjack, and Rambler
Gatco/Timberline Scepter 2.0
Issue 2012, vol. 6 (Fall, 2012)
Sunset Orange 2011 Alox Soldier, Farmer, Lumberjack, Minichamp, and Rambler
Pocket clip for 111mm Liner-Lock SAKs
Issue 2012, vol. 5 (July, 2012)
Victorinox 2012 Damascus Limited Edition One-Hand Trekker Pre-Order
Silver Alox Bushcrafter - Back in Stock
Issue 2012, vol. 4 (April, 2012)
Victorinox Red Alox Rambler®, Drifter, Minichamp, Cadet Plus, Bushcrafter and 2011 alox Soldier
Bugnard Gold Alox SAKs Special Order
Issue 2012, vol. 3 (March, 2012)
Victorinox Cadet Plus in Silver and Splash
Victorinox Ramblers in Silver and Splash
Victorinox Colour Cadets
Issue 2012, vol. 2 (February, 2012)
Second runs of Rex Peeler, Titanium Spork, 4sevens Whistles
Splash Titanium 4sevens Tactical Pen
Victorinox Colour Cadets Pre-order, and more!
Issue 2012, vol. 1 (January, 2012)
Silver alox Rambler with "Victorinox" inscription
Custom Damascus OHT, second run
Titanium splash spork, and more!
Issue 2011, vol. 8 (December, 2011)
Custom Damascus OHT
Silver alox Micro-Farmer, Lumberjack, and Firesteel Farmer
Titanium splash whistles, OPT2™, and more!
Issue 2011, vol. 7 (September, 2011)
Yeoman Mk. IV
Yeoman Mechanic
Issue 2011, vol. 6 (September, 2011)
2011 Victorinox Damascus Climber Pre-order
Issue 2011, vol. 5 (July, 2011)
Splash Zena Rex Peeler
Yelow Florist SAK
Fileworked Pioneer, Firesteel Farmer pre-order and more...
Issue 2011, vol. 4 (June, 2011)
Damascus OH Blade 111mm SAKs
Green Alox and Blue Alox Rambler, Minichamp, Lumberjack, Bushcrafter, and Firesteel Farmer SAKs
Orange Paring/Steak Knives w/Kydex Sheath
Wenger Giant, Titanium, and EvoWood SAKs
Swisbianco OPT2™
Issue 2011, vol. 3 (April, 2011)
Commemorative 50-year Alox Soldier Anniversary SAKs
Coloured Florist SAKs and Coloured Paring/Steak Knives
Victorinox Lapel Pins
Issue 2011, vol. 2 (March, 2011)
Silver Alox Bushcrafter, Firesteel Farmer, Lumberjack, and Minichamp SAKs
Bugnard Gold Alox SAKs
Armee 90 Camo SAK
Issue 2011, vol. 1 (February, 2011)
SwissBianco Design Timberine NeckAngel and SKT
Victorinox Alox Minichamp and Rambler
Swissbianco QDS for Ruger 10/22
...and more!
Issue 2010, vol. 5 (December, 2010)
Second Run of Alox Ramblers
Second Run of Black Alox Farmer
Blade Filework
Issue 2010, vol. 4 (August, 2010)
Holiday and Fashion Classics
Road Tour and Soft Grip Models
Coloured Gardeners
Issue 2010, vol. 3 (August 1, 2010)
Custom OHT and Dual Pro Based SAKs
Black Alox Farmer
Digital Camo OHT with Clip
Issue 2010, vol. 2 (April, 2010)
2010 Damascus Pioneer Pre-Order
Plain Edge Dual Pro with Corkscrew
New Run of Alox Firesteel Farmer and Bushcrafter
Battle Series SAKs
More Discontinued 74mm and 58mm SAKs
Swissbianco Yeoman, Mk. III
Issue 2010, vol. 1 (New Year 2010 Edition)
Alox Technician
84mm Golfer with Horn Scales
Discontinued 74mm and 58mm SAKs
Issue 2009, vol. 6 (December, 2009)
Orange and Green Alox Lumberjacks
Orange Alox Farmers (w/ and w/o the Firesteel)
New Soldier Scales
+B For Sale Photobucket Album
Issue 2009, vol. 5 (November, 2009)
Swiss Cross Scaled Rucksack SAK
Wenger SI Last Issue Year (08)
Armee OHT
Issue 2009, vol. 4 (November, 2009)
Alox Bushcrafter First Run
Hard-Anodised Nitecore Flashlights
Issue 2009, vol. 3 (August, 2009)
Long File 84mm Golfer and Climber
Last batch of Silver Alox First Mates
111mm StayGlow Scales
New Swiss Army Issue Black Spirit
Issue 2009, vol. 2 (July, 2009)
New Swiss Army Issue SAK, +B Special Plain Edge Edition
First Wenger Splash - Alox Standard Issue
Firesteel Farmer SAK
Victorinox Original Tool Opener
SwissBianco Tactical Pen - New Colors!
New Swiss Army Issue Black Spirit Tool
...and more!
Issue 2009, vol. 1 (April, 2009)
Swissbianco Tactical Pen
Swissbianco M-Sharp Sharpener
Swissbianco Firearms Recoil Softening System
Victorinox Silver Alox First Mate, 84mm Golfer with Long File, and Heritage SAK
Victorinox/+B Plain Edge New SAK and New Scientist
...and more!
Issue 2008, vol. 4 (December, 2008)
Custom 108mm SAKs with Clip-point Blades
Orange Hard-Anodized Farmers with Clip!
+B Farmers, Alox Lumberjacks and Alox Classics in Hard-Anodized Splash
PE SG OHTs, Black and Red Alox Lumberjacks
91mm SG scales
Wenger Heritage 1893
Last Swiss-made SBTs and NeckAngels
Issue 2008, vol. 3 (June, 2008)
Timberline Collaboration: NeckAngels and SKTs
Red Alox Lumberjacks
Splash Whistles
Issue 2008, vol. 2 (April, 2008)
1983 Replica SAK
Relef Scaled SAKs
traser Tactical Watch
07 and 08 Wenger SI and Victorinx Soldier, Black Rescuetool
In Stock Custom and Collectible SAKs
Issue 2008, vol. 1 (January, 2008)
+B SwissKeyTool Available
+B Yeoman Mechanic Available
+B Splash Alox preorder open, short time only
+B Independence Knife Preorder
Gold Anodised Alox Special Edition SAK
Issue 2007, vol. 4 (December, 2007)
+Bianco NeckAngel Knives
+B SwissKeyTool Preview
Titanium "jewelry"
Stayglow Plain Edge One-Hand Trekker Pre-Order is closed
Issue 2007, vol. 3 (November, 2007)
Stayglow Plain Edge One-Hand Trekker Pre-Order
Alox One-Hand Trekker Preview
November/December plans for US stay
Plans for early 2008
Issue 2007, vol. 2.5 (October, 2007)
Camo "Armee" One-Hand Trekker
Rose Limited Edition SAKs
European Coloured Alox Classics
Swiss SAK Exhibit
Victorinox on Swiss TV
Issue 2007, vol. 2 (October, 2007)
Black +B Yeoman
91mm Eco Lumberjacks Plus
Wartime SAKs for sale
Issue 2007, vol. 1 (September, 2007)
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