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 Issue 2011, vol. 4 

We are back from the Blade Show 2011 and we sure had a blast in our first own booth! Much to my surprise, we got visitors from Switzerland - Mr. Elsener Jr. and his wife, who stopped by the booth for a chat and took some samples back to Ibach. Mr. Elsener Sr. got inducted into the Blade's cutlery Hall of Fame, and Mr. Elsener Jr. attended the ceremony to thank for this honour. Damon and I had the pleasure of seeing the whole celebration, something we will not forget, and now we have to work hard so that Mr. Elsener Jr. can join his father in the Hall of Fame as well.

Just in time for the Blade Show we got a number of different new Alox SAKs in olive green and blue colour, plus the first prototypes of the Damascus 111mm one-hand opening SAK. Some handmade Ultralight Swissbianco™ OPT, as well as more custom tactical Swissbianco™ cutlery will follow soon.
Damascus One-hand Opening Blade 111mm SAK
We made a number of different configurations, with corkscrew or Philips driver, wood saw and/or metal file, and different exhibition-grade wood. Each piece comes with a certificate with serial number.

The prices start at $380 each, depending on the configuration and type of wood.
Damascus OH
Damascus OH Blade
  Damascus OH Blade
Olive Green and Blue Alox SAKs
Firesteel Farmers
Alox Lumberjacks
Alox Ramblers
We made a special run of green and blue alox SAKs in a number of configurations. These are all limited editions, each run is between 15 to 50 pieces!

An article about the firesteel Farmer and alox Lumberjack will soon be featured in the Tactical Knives magazine, thanks to Steve Dick for his support over all these years.

The models and prices are:
  • Green Alox Rambler: $45
  • Blue Alox Rambler: $45
  • Green Alox Minichamp: $65
  • Blue Alox Minichamp: $65
  • Green Alox Lumberjack: $55
  • Blue Alox Lumberjack: $55
  • Green Alox Bushcrafter: $60
  • Blue Alox Bushcrafter: $60
  • Green Alox Firesteel Farmer: $85
  • Blue Alox Firesteel Farmer: $85
Alox Minichamps
Orange Paring Knives with Kydex Sheath
We imported the first batch of 100mm and 80mm blade length Victorinox paring knives with orange handles and hand-made Kydex sheaths in different colors.

The price is $18 each.
Firesteel Farmer
Wenger SAKs
Wenger Guant We have a number of Wenger SAKs in stock, including the Wenger Giant SAK (an older version with sharp blades). We have all 3 versions of the new Wenger Titanium line, each with the bit kit and sheath, and also 3 different models of EvoWood SAK, with CNC-made Swiss-grown walnut wood handles that feel great in the hand.

The models and prices are:
  • Giant SAK: $ inquire
  • Titanium 1 ( $130
  • Titanium 2 $140
  • Ueli Steck ( $190
  • EvoWood 11: $70
  • EvoWood 16: $85
  • EvoWood 18: $90
  • EvoWood S557: $140
Swissbianco™ OPT2
Swissbianco™ OPT2 are handmade tactical cutlery at its finest, laminated construction, one side is black G10 and the other is 440C stainless, giving the benefits of ultra-light weight and a 440C cutting edge.

Each one comes with a handmade Kydex sheath, which allows to mount any Teck Lock size, etc.

Price start at $155 each.
Firesteel Farmer
Ongoing and Upcoming Projects and Events
Now, since the 3 big shows are done, we will concentrate on new products and prepare for 2012, there will be more tactical knives and more special SAK too, the 84mm firesteel SAK is one of them, we do more testing this summer and start with the serial production towards the end of the summer. There will be also be more Damascus coming, a real surprise!

Best regards.

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