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Issue 2007, vol. 3
This issue of the newsletter comes out as I am in the second week of my stay in the USA, and I have some good news I would like to share with you.
Stayglow Plain Edge One-Hand Trekker
After a bit of a delay, I am now ready to start the preorder of the long awaited SG PE OHT!

While in Switzerland, I could not do it for legal reasons, but now that I am in the USA, I am doing the best I can to make this happen.

As I am sure all of you know, the standard Victorinox One-Hand Trekker has partially serrated blade, a Phillips, and black scales. This special version, which was featured in  Tactical Knife magazine, has the stayglow scales (not available anywhere else, except on a Rescue Tool), a factory plain edge, and a corkscrew (with mini-screwdriver, of course!). The pictures say more then I can describe, and many of you have seen them and seemed to love this SAK.

In order to prevent problems with shipping, as well as to add value, all the of these SAKs will have a small laser engraving with a serial number (for quick identification by us and the police, if needed).

First 100 pieces will have a price of $65, and the higher numbers the price of $55. You can request specific numbers , say #10, #55, etc., and I will do my best to accommodate these requests. Please don't ask me for #001 or #007, they are taken! LOL

These prices do not include shipping, please e-mail me for the final price for your destination. Delivery will happen as soon as Mr. Elsener has them shipped directly to the USA (these knives are banned in Switzerland).

Alox OHT

Splash Alox OHT
I am working with my GA CNC miller on the alox scaled upgrade version of the PE OHT with red anodized waffle pattern alox scales, and 2 position clip.

Hopefully, this SAK will also have the pen, pin, tweezers, and toothpick too!

The red veined custom handmade prototype in the picture does not have all the correct features, but it gives you some idea of what it will look like.

I hope we get 20 pieces together, and I will keep you informed about the price as soon as I can.

Available for Sale: Alox Lumberjacks, Black Yeomen, and more...
From the previous special runs, I still have some items available for purchase, including a handful of Alox Lumberjacks, some Black Yeomen, and some custom made 91mm Lumberjack Plus with red and black eco scales. I also have some wartime SAKs for sale.

For more details on these please check my forums on KnifeForums and on Messerforum (in German), look at the +B Newsletter #2, or send me an email to (swissbianconews at hotmail.com).
What is coming...
After the first successful run of Splash Alox Farmers, I am going to work more with splash technique in 2008. I will do different sizes of SAKs, a Swiss made pen, and other items, like alox Swiss cardholder, cigar cutter, flashlight, etc. I will be able to accept custom orders for various items splashed the same way as a set.

There are also plans for a special Swiss run of gold anodized pioneer alox SAKs, old cross shield, brand new in a box. I will work on those when I am back in Switzerland at the end of this year, and I will update you on that.

In an week or so, the run of my NeckAngel knives should be laser engraved and ready to be shipped out. I also still working on the SwissKeyTool and many other things.

My website is in the process of being updated, and I will be very happy when this is finally done.

The US shop is coming together and the new paperwork for the sponsored green card is moving along.

Please stay tuned, there is more great things to come!

For latest news visit Swiss Bianco forums: On KnifeForums and On Messerforum (in German)

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Before paying, please make sure that:
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  • You confirm with me the shipping price for your order.
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Thanks a lot for your interest.
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Roger Remund
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