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 Issue 2014, vol. 1 

We have a few SAK-related updates that we would like to share with you.

The much-anticipated 2013 Limited Edition Damascus issued in commemoration of Mr. Carl Elsener Sr., who passed away last year, was finally released early in 2014. You can see our review of this 4th Damascus edition from Victorinox in our Youtube video. This limited edition knife is available for purchase for US$299/CAD$350.

We recently restocked on a variety of Victorinox SAK scales, available for purchase for $10-20 in Swiss Bianco US store and from Swiss Bianco Canada. Many of the 91mm and all of the 84mm scales are nylon, with and without Victorinox shield, and we also have a limited number of 111mm linerlock stayglow scales without "Rescue Tool" print.

The most exciting of the recent news for us is the arrival of the limited run of 93mm Victorinox alox SAK. It took Victorinox 4 months to manufacture, because they had to machine 700 alox back scales to fit the marlin spike (a.k.a., sacking needle) tool. This run consists of 7 different models, including a brand new, never before made one, we named "Castaway" (as it would make a perfect multi-tool for a traveller stranded on a remote tropical island!). Each of the 7 models was produced in 3 different alox colours: red (40 pieces each), gold (30 pieces each) and blue (30 pieces each).

Please note: Due to a very limited number of pieces of each kind in the Marlin Spike run, we needed to establish a special ordering process. The first preference will be given to collectors, who are ordering complete 7-SAK sets of a given colour, and we will not be taking orders for individual SAKs until Apr. 1, 2014. From April 1, any left-over SAKs from this run will be available for purchase individually. In addition, there is a limit of 1 SAK of a given model per person - we would like to try to allow for most (ideally, all) of interested Victorinox alox SAK collectors to add these SAKs to their collection. For the same reasons, we do not plan to list these SAKs in the online store.

We also just received a shipment of alox Minichamps in silver, black, and red. These were announced by Victorinox late last year and are finally available. The price is US$60 each.

The Blade Show 2014, where Swiss Bianco will again have booth, is happening in about 3 months, and we are hoping to have some new products in time for it.

Direct web shop ordering is still available for shipping only to US addresses. International shipping is available through Swiss Bianco Canada (e-mail/PayPal).

Best Regards.

Red Alox Marlin Spike Series SAKs
Red Alox Castaway

Red Alox Midshipman
The complete 7-model Red Alox Marlin Spike SAK set in is US$735. It includes the following models:
Red Alox First Mate
Red Alox Sea Rancher
Red Alox Seaman
Red Alox Sailor
Red Alox Marine Soldier
Gold Alox Marlin Spike Series SAKs
The complete 7-model Gold Alox Marlin Spike SAK set in is US$735. It includes the following models:
Gold Alox Castaway
Gold Alox Midshipman
Gold Alox Sailor
Gold Alox First Mate

Gold Alox Seaman
Gold Alox Sea Rancher
Gold Alox Marine Soldier
Blue Alox Marlin Spike Series SAKs
Blue Alox Seaman
Blue Alox Marine Soldier
The complete 7-model Blue Alox Marlin Spike SAK set in is US$735. It includes the following models:
Blue Alox Castaway
Blue Alox Midshipman
Blue Alox First Mate
Blue Alox Sailor
Blue Alox Sea Rancher
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