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 Issue 2011, vol. 2 
Hello from Switzerland!

I have just returned from IWA show in Nuremberg (see my Facebook and Youtube), and unpacked some boxes from Ibach. For this newsletter, it is all about special Swissbianco models in silver alox with red Victorinox shield, but we also have a few non-Swissbianco SAKs that can be obtained only in Switzerland.
More Silver Alox Ramblers and Minichamps
We have another run of the popular SwissBianco-exclusive Silver Alox Ramblers and Minichamps in stock in Switzerland (see the previous newsletter).

The price for Rambler is $35 each and Minichamps are $55 each.
Silver Alox Bushcrafter
This SwissBianco special SAK is designed for bushcraft use, containing all the needed tools (Main blade, wood saw, and awl), in a slim, 2 layers package. This run features for the first time the standard Victorinox silver alox scales with red shield.

The price is $47 each.
Silver Alox Firesteel Farmer
This limited 25-piece run of the popular SwissBianco Firesteel Farmer features standard Victorinox silver scales with red shield As before, the firesteel, Swiss-made by Mr. Fischlin, is mounted on specially-designed liner and assembled by Victorinox with the Farmer model tools.

The price is $65 each.
Firesteel Farmer
Silver Alox Lumberjack
Lumberjack In keeping with the silver alox theme of this newsletter, we are happy to offer you the second run of Silver Alox Lumberjack, a thin 84mm SAK with main blade, wood saw, and combo tool. We also are working on a special survival kit, built around this model, which is one of my all-time favourite SAKs.

The price is $35 each.
Bugnards Gold Alox SAK
While in Switzerland, we can special order gold-coloured alox SAKs from Bugnard, a Swiss tool dealer.

These SAKs feature the old Swiss cross and the engraving plate with Bugnard logo.

Available models and their prices are:
  • Gold Anodised Pioneer Pruner (large blade, pruner blade): $38
  • Gold Anodised Pioneer Apprentice (large blade, electrician blade): $40
  • Gold Anodised Woodsman (large blade, wood saw): $37
  • Gold Anodised Pioneer Rancher (large blade, pruner blade, awl, screwdriver/bottle opener): $50
  • Gold Anodised Pioneer Harvester (large blade, pruner blade, awl, screwdriver/bottle opener, wood saw): $60
Bugnard SAK
Bugnard SAK
90 Armee Camo OHT SAK
Armee OHT Also while in Switzerland, I can again offer the collectable 90 Camo Armee SAK. The tools are identical to the OHT (except the corkscrew instead of the Phillips). Both front and back scales have the swiss army 1990 camo pattern.

The price is $60 each.
Ongoing and Upcoming Projects and Events
The best news are that we can now do splash anodizing again, this time it will be in USA! So, soon we will have the new splashed SAK made.

The first couple of 111mm Damascus SAK will be available soon, watch my Facebook for latest news on this. Since these are handmade, not many will be up for sale.

Soon I am back in USA for the Blade Show, and by then the anniversary color alox Soldier edition, celebrating 50 years (1961 - 2011), will be in stock.

Best regards.

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We are often listing "vintage", "one of a kind", and a limited number of "just released" pieces for sale on eBay, as SwissBianco.
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Dealers Carrying +BIANCO Products
While I continue to sell most of my work direct, a limited selection of +B products is available through the following dealers:

    YouWantIt2.com ( http://youwantit2.com/SWISSBIANCO.html)

In Germany:
    fehlschaerfe.de ( http://fehlschaerfe.de)

In Austria:
    Viennacutlery ( http://www.viennacutlery.com/)

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