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Issue 2007, vol. 2.5
This is only a small newsletter (vol. 2.5), as there seems to be some new interest in the special Swiss Army version of the OHT, the "Armee 1990 Camo". I will go and see if I get an number of these.
90 Armee Camo OHT
These SAKs are officially allowed for the swiss army soldiers to edc. Usually they have the standart alox soldier sak, but after the german army got what we call OHT, some swiss wanted such an sak too. The early version had the Philips but that was changed soon into the corkscrew, bad mouths say that the swiss army people drink wine a lot. Anyway, for the history, that sak will be the one between the alox soldier and the new-coming OHT version that will be given to the swiss soldier from 2009, if it works out.

This OHT has the standard serrated OHT blade, corkscrew, black scales that has the 1990 swiss camo printed on and the swiss cross / Armee (army) printed. They are brand new in box, $62 shipped to USA, payment with Paypal. Shipping is up to 2 such SAK.

Important: As I have to hurry up, and the supplier of those is not avaliable most of the time, I require order/Paypal to arrive until October 23 noon, Central US time, sorry for that.

Armee Camo OHT

Armee Camo OHT and Rescue Tool

Red, StayGlow, Black, and Camo OHT

More Armee Camo OHT
Rose SAK limited edition
I have to order these. Please let me know if you are interested ASAP. Once again, these are limited European edition rose-scaled SAKs, the 0.6203.T5 classic for $15 and the 0.2602.T5 cadet for $16.

They are coming in a special rose printed presentation box.

Rose Signature Lite

Victorinox Rose SAKs
Colored alox Classics: Blue - gren - orange - silver - pink
I have to order these by Sunday, October 21. Please let me know if you are interested ASAP.

This is a european limited run sak. I love the orange one! Waffle pattern like the soldier sak but colorful anodised in the colors mentioned, the blue looks as it matches the blue farmer that I will get soon.

They are $20 each and come with an special presentation box to match their colors.

Victorinox Classic Alox Colors
Back in the USA
Very soon I am back in the USA. I quit steelwork here tomorrow, leaving more time for my knifework. There is a lot of new designs to work on while in the USA. The new Timberline Lightfoot folder and the Vallotton Signature assistend opener wait for a test, and I will be selling those knives as well.

The US Immigration has requested more information and I have to deal with that as I am there. I really enjoy USA and hope to be a welcome part of it soon.
SAK exhibition in Swiss
In the last collectors meeting I heard about an expo held in the castle of Thun city, which is next to the Swiss mountains, about 30 minutes drive from my worb village. Swiss-Martin, some of you know him from the Ibach trips, will go and see that, and make some pics for posting. Take a look at www.schlossthun.ch
Victorinox on Swiss TV
Yesterday on Swiss TV they showed a very good reportage about the happy workers of Victorinox, many of whom work for 40 or 50 years there, their whole life. This movie is now on podcast and I strongly suggest watching it, as it also gives a very good image of how it really looks inside that big factory. It is exactly as I saw it there. It is in Swiss German, so most of you won't understand, but will surely enjoy the Swiss folcloric music. See: http://www.sf.tv/podcasts/feed.php?docid=reporter (Video sendung vom mittwoch, 17 Oktober 2007 (26 min))
Next weekend is an Expo again, I will go and search for old wartime and unusual SAKs, wish me luck.
Thanks a lot.
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