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 Issue 2010, vol. 2 

It's been a while since the last newsletter - two big shows (SHOT and IWA) kept us busy! Hopefully, you were checking Swissbianco forums for updates in the meantime.

The major news since the last newsletter include a trial run of Alox Ramblers, as well as the introduction of civilian versions of dual-density scaled SAKs by Victorinox. In addition, we had new runs of Alox Farmer and Bushcrafter, and discovered some more discontinued SAK models that may want to add to your collection.

As before, I cannot guarantee availability of the discontinued models, so, if you are interested in a specific model, please email me with the "expression of interest", and I will reply with what I can deliver. For additional photos of old stock SAKs, please visit Swissbianco Photobucket Old Stock SAKs Album.

For SAK collectors, 2010 Damascus SAK edition pricing ($200) and approximate availability time (May-June, 2010) have been announced. 550 out of 2010 pieces have been reserved for Swiss dealers (and already sold out). We were able to reserve a number of pieces, and are accepting pre-orders. This SAK is a result of our 10-year effort (see History Behind the 2010 Victorinox Limited Edition Damascus SAK), and we are very excited about it finally being released.
Alox Firesteel Farmer and Bushcrafter
Orange Alox Firesteel Farmer
Orange Alox Firesteel Farmer

Plain Silver Alox Bushcrafter
Plain Silver Alox Bushcrafter
Our Firesteel SAK design proved very popular with users and collectors alike, and so, we have produced another run of orange alox Firesteel Farmers, this time without the pocket clip.

Damon Eggert is currently working on a new video about traditional firesteel fire making using the Firesteel Farmer, and it will be featured on Swissbianco Youtube channel. The price is $75 each.

With the initial run sold out in a very short time, we produced another run of Alox Bushcrafter model, this time in what we call "true silver", following the old alox SAK tradition of clear anodizing, prior to introduction of current red shield logo. Plain silver colour is favoured by many SAK users because extensive wear or damage are not as noticeable on these scales.

This model, especially designed for the common bushcraft work is offered at $47 each.
Battle Series SAKs
Between 1983 and 1991 Victorinox produced seven special SAKs to celebrate milestone dates in the formation of Swiss nation.

There is a very limited number of these available for purchase.

The prices are:
1.1983.1 - Morgarten: $240;
1.1984.1 - Laupen: $100;
1.1985.1 - Sempach: $100;
1.1986.1 - Näfels: $100;
1.1987.1 - St. Jakob: $100;
1.1989.1 - Murten: $100;
1.1991.1 - Rütli: $100

Each knife comes in individual wood presentation box with numbered certificate of authenticity.

Additionally, while supplies last, with the purchase of the complete set ($840 plus shipping), you will receive specially designed Presentation Case ($76 value) for free.
Embossed Gold Ambassador
Collector Display Box with all 7 SAKs
Mother of Pearl and Granite SAKs
Mother of Pearl Executive
Mother of Pearl Executive

Granite Classic
Granite Classic

This collection of 58mm and 74mm SAKs contains some unique pieces, a number of which we have never seen before. As a result, the names of the models may not match the "official" Victorinox nomenclature.

Please see Swissbianco Photobucket Old Stock SAKs Album for pictures and model numbers.

The prices for mother of pearl and horn models are:

0.6500.68 - Mother of Pearl
Ambassador (no T&T): $178;

0.6502.68 - Mother of Pearl
Ambassador (w/ T&T) $150;

0.6600.68 - Mother of Pearl
Executive (no T&T): $195;

0.6602.68 - Mother of Pearl
Executive (w/ T&T) $168;

0.6603.61 - Horn Scaled
Executive: $95;

The price for each of granite-scaled 58mm Classics is $86, and the available models are:

0.6200.53 - Santa Cruz, Brazil;
0.6200.54 - Andeer, Switzerland;
0.6200.55 - Bel Horizonte, Brazil;
0.6200.56 - Rosa Bertha, Sardinia;
0.6200.57 - Bethel White, Canada;
0.6200.58 - Baltic Brown, Russia
New Dual-Pro SAK Model
Continuing Victorinox tradition of bringing military designs to civilian market, this year was marked by combining Dutch Army Dual-OH linerlock SAK design with the dual-density scales first introduced on the new issue version of Swiss Army Knife. Filling the gap in the existing product line, we are offering the plain edge Dual Pro version with corkscrew. The price is $55.

Additionally, the brand new dual density red/black scales, which can be installed on any 111mm linerlock SAK, are available separately for $18 per set.

We are also proud to announce a Swissbianco Exclusive "Dual Pro S" model, which is based on Dual Pro X (PE blade, Phillips), and adds wood saw. It will be produced as a limited run for Swissbianco in the near future.
Plain Edge Dual Pro w/Corkscrew Plain Edge Dual Pro w/Corkscrew
Replacement Parts
By popular demand, we now carry an assortment of replacement parts, including toothpicks, tweezers, and mini-screwdrivers, which can be added to any SAK order.
Swissbianco Yeoman, Mk. III
Swissbianco Yeoman
Yeoman, Mk. III in solid yellow cales
While this third run of the popular Swissbianco Yeoman model is factory-assembled, this time it offers you a choice of three different scales: stayglow, solid yellow, or translucent (sapphire) blue (see Swissbianco Photobucket SAKs Album for more images).

You can specify your preference when ordering, and we will mount the scales on the SAK for you. The price for Swissbianco Yeoman, Mk. III is $48 each.
Upcoming Projects and Events
The first trial run of Alox Rambler is sold out, but the second, larger, run is in the works. Hopefully we will have it in the next newsletter. We are also working on some new splash colours, so stay tuned!

Swissbianco now has presence on another forum in Germany, www.taschenlampen-forum.de. If you are a flashlight enthusiast, check it out!

We got some disappointing news regarding Blade Show. The management there did not allow SAK assembly machine to be used in the show "for security reasons". This is unfortunate for all of us, who wanted to see this machine in action. We are now left with the task of trying to make it happen for the Blade Show 2011. Please feel free to send the Blade Show management a well-mannered email, letting them know how you feel about their short-sighted decision. They can be reached at Steve.Shackleford@fwmedia.com.

Best regards,

+B Single Piece Collection "Store"
We are often listing "vintage", "one of a kind", and "just released" pieces for sale on eBay, as SwissBianco.
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For discussion of Swissbianco projects, please check out our forums: Swissbianco on KnifeForums.com, Swissbianco on Messerforum.net (in German), and Swissbianco on Knives.pl (in Polish).

You can find the latest Swissbianco photos in Swissbianco Photobucket.
Dealers Carrying +BIANCO Products
While I continue to sell most of my work direct, a limited selection of +B products is available through the following dealers:

    YouWantIt2.com ( http://youwantit2.com/SWISSBIANCO.html)

In Germany:
    fehlschaerfe.de ( http://fehlschaerfe.de)

In Austria:
    Viennacutlery ( http://www.viennacutlery.com/)

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