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 Issue 2009, vol. 6 

Christmas is coming, and this is our last newsletter for 2009.
It was a turbulent year, but nice, my first year in the USA!

To close it off, we would like to offer you a few interesting pieces, including a number of unique single items from my personal collection.

For additional photos of the items featured in this newsletter and more, please visit Swissbianco Photobucket SAK Album.
Orange and Green 84mm Lumberjacks
Orange and Green Lumberjacks The orange 84mm Alox Lumberjacks are finally in stock! This unique SAK is available only from Swissbianco, and over the years it has become one of my personal favourite SAKs. With its main blade, saw, combo tool and split ring, it is only 8mm thick, and ideal for including in a survival kit or bug out bag, or just carrying it every day!

Also, for the first time ever, we have a very limited number of Green Lumberjacks. Both colours are hardanodised, and assembled by Victorinox in Ibach. Price is $40 each.
New Soldier Replacement Scales
"We have a few sets of scales taken off the new Swiss Army issued 111mm Soldier's Knives (currently, these cannot be ordered from Victorinox, they are only available mounted on the new Soldiers)."

These scales are green/black dual density twinfused, and offer excellent grip and comfort.

Ready to dress up any 111mm linerlock SAK you have, these are offered for $20 per set.
New SOldier Scales
Orange Farmers (with and without the Firesteel)
Orange Farmers Back in stock, due to popular demand are a handful of orange Farmers, with no clip including a number of pieces with firesteel.

As always, these were assembled by Victorinox and carry full lifetime warranty.

Prices are $48 for the Framer and $75 for firesteel Farmer (This time, unfortunately, we are not offering the flint and tinder with this SAK).
Single Pieces from +B Collection
Since I am frequently asked what else I have in stock and ready to ship, I decided to try and offer individual pieces, both +B Special and vintage/collectible Victorinox and Wenger models, online.

We started by posting all my "for sale" pieces in +B SAK for Sale Photobucket album, with the price and stock number of the item listed in the description.

I will be removing the images when the pieces are sold, so, check the album often, and act quickly! Please contact me for any question you may have about the pieces listed.
+B Single Pieces
Upcoming Events
This January Swissbianco will exhibit at the SHOT show for the first time, and if you are there, I would be happy to meet you! I will post more information about our participation in the show during the coming weeks.

As you may have already heard, for 2010 Victorinox will release an brand new tool, as well as some exciting new SAKs. As soon as I am able to get them, I will offer them to you through the newsletter.

We expect to make more collaboration efforts, as well as more research and development on my own designs. I would like to thank you all for the support and help in making these exciting projects a reality!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Swissbianco Forums and Photos
For up to date information on Swissbinco projects, please check out our forums: Swissbianco on KnifeForums.com, Swissbianco on Messerforum.net (in German), and Swissbianco on Knives.pl (in Polish).

You can find the latest Swissbianco photos in Swissbianco Photobucket.
Dealers Carrying +BIANCO Products
While I continue to sell most of my work direct, a limited selection of +B products is available through the following dealers:

    YouWantIt2.com ( http://youwantit2.com/SWISSBIANCO.html)

In Germany:
    fehlschaerfe.de ( http://fehlschaerfe.de)

In Austria:
    Viennacutlery ( http://www.viennacutlery.com/)

Ordering Information
For general equiries about Swiss Bianco and for US orders, please click here.
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Before paying, please make sure that:
  • You ask me first if the limited goods are still available.
  • You confirm with me the shipping price for your order. All prices in the newsletter do not include shipping, unless noted otherwise.

I accept payments through my PayPal account: paypal at swissbianco.com

When paying, please include the following information in PayPal message:
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