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Issue 2007, vol. 2
This is the 2nd edition of + B newsletter and I hope we could improve it. The flu is gone and still a lot of work to be done prior to leaving for usa soon.
Black yeoman arrived!
Last friday my mother brought home a big box form Ibach - 60 pcs of black yeomen! Heavy stuff for an old lady and her cart. Pictures with a poor digicam where made today and soon will be on:

They are each $36 plus shipping. Hope I will have enough this time.

Black + B Yeoman
91mm lumberjack plus assembled!
Yesterday i did finish the hard work to custom assemble the first run of my 91mm lumberjack plus sak, its an upscaled brother of the lumberjack with philips, total 20 pcs:
  • 6 pcs stayglow (sold)
  • 6 pcs red eco double logo
  • 6 pcs black eco double logo
  • 1 pcs white eco double logo
  • 1 pcs blu eco double logo (sold)
Made some pics too:

They are custom + B assembled from brand new factory parts, the double side logo is verry unusual and the black, blue, white eco scales 91mm are not avaliable, they are for print advertising knives only. I love their more durable, coarse surface. only 20 pcs made as listed above.

They are each $ 34 plus shipping.

Red 91mm Lumberjack

All 91mm Lumberjacks
Rose sak limited edition in stock
I have some limited european edition rose sak on stock, the 0.6203.T5 classic $ 15 and the 0.2602.T5 cadet $ 16 and can get more if needed. They are coming in a special rose printed presentation box.
Rose Signature Lite
Single piecs alox lumberjack and eco lumberjack for sale
Please ask...
Blue - gren - orange - silver - pink alox classic sak
This is a european limited run sak, coming very soon. I love the orange one! Waffle pattern like the soldier sak but colorful anodised in the colors mentioned, the blue looks as it matches the blue farmer that I will get soon:
www.knifeforums.com/forums/showtopic.php?tid/804882/ www.messerforum.net/showthread.php?t=48596 They are $ 20 each and come with an special presentation box to match their corlors. I will work on an order soon.
Wartime SAKs for sale
I was on a swiss market last weekend and did find some old sak, 3 of them I have for sale. They are the same wartime model as shown on the older pic, the bigger ones, sorry no pics possible, my new digicam wait in ga, it's a lot cheaper there.

1 pcs victorinox, nice tangstamp of the name and the crossbow, sharpened blade, say 7mm shorter than usual, made in 1945 with 45 tangstamp. swiss army issue, the waffen stamp is still an bit visual, the round but the cross is gone, red fiber scales, verry unusual brass rivets on the scales and steel rivet for the blade, never saw that. springs are verry strong and works, the awl is an bit sharpened from use, the canopener ans screwdriver are verry good, the red fiber scales are close to the liners, only lifted up an little, no visual rust. $ 110 plus shipping*

1 pcs elsener schwyz, nice tangstamp of the name, verry good blade, made in 1939, 39 tangstamp. swiss army issue, good visual waffen stamp, red fiber scales are an bit more used than the top one, like new awl, canopener and screwdriver, strong springs, standart steel rivets, scales close to the liners, some lifting. $ 110 plus shipping*

1 pcs wenger delemont, stronger resharpened blade, wenger is near gone but delemont is clear to read, made in 1942, 42 stamp with P in front (private) and swiss army issue, the round waffen stamp is 99% gone but still to see if you now where its located. stronger resharpened awl, verry good screwdriver and canopener, red fiber scales are the most used of all 3 here, crack by the rivets after the bolsters, some lifting, but still an verry good example of sutch an early sak. $ 95 plus shipping*

Please let me now if you are interested and save on shipping as I'm back soon in USA.
What's next?
Soon I am back in USA, there wait blue farmer sak and hopefully some red ones, if we are lucky the splash farmers are done here in worb, to travel with me over and find good homes. I have to reorder some parts for the custom assembly of the 20 pcs yeoman mechanic. See attached picture.

In USA there will be some new protos made in freedom ans safety, a switchblade, the assisted opener 111 sak that I want give in for thenew swiss army knife trials coming in january, together with a US company, a big camp knife, and some more ideas that I have to wait to go into reality.

The SwissKeyTools should be ready for heattreating then and the NeckAngels will be laserengraved. One goal is to have a new good digicam and master the skills to make as best pics as possible from my work.

And there is some collaborating work to be done, the website update, some ultralight knives that are banned in swiss to be made and a lot of friends to meet - will be an good time in usa with lots of work.

Back in swiss, one project is to whrite an test of the fg42 german ww2 arm, the fallschirmjägergewehr 1942 that is new made in germany, it will be printed in the us www.smallarmsreview.com another is writing an book on the history of the swiss army knives that where issued in the swiss army, from the beginning to the end of the alox era which will be quite likley 2008. Lots of pics of the details, stamps, manufacturing chances, special and unique saks etc, that book will cover this interesting matter in an way deeper look that the current books avaliable. You see, there is lots of work waiting...

+ B
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