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 Issue 2010, vol. 1 

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year, and we celebrate with some old stock brand new SAKs I found in Switzerland, hiding on dusty shelves.

The common theme for these SAK is horn (from the cows of Swiss Alps), stainless steel (some gold-plated), and alox.

Since most of these pieces have long been out of production I cannot guarantee their availability, so, if you are interested in a specific model, please email me with the "expression of interest", and I will reply with what I can deliver.

For additional photos of the items featured in this newsletter and more, please visit Swissbianco Photobucket Old Stock SAKs Album and Swissbianco Photobucket SAK Album.
Alox Technician
93mm Alox Technicians The 93mm Alox Technician, model 0.8100.27, is a 2-layer SAK with main blade, awl, cap lifter with large screwdriver with wirestripper, and a thin long flat screwdriver. The scales are silver alox with old-style plain cross.

Compared to the Electrician model, these were produced in much more limited numbers, and are very hard to find.

Price is $80 each.
84mm Horn Scaled Golfer with Long Nail File
This 84mm Golfer packs a lot of utility and style into a 2-layer SAK. It includes main blade, combo tool with wire stripper, scissors, grooved corkscrew, long nail file, toothpick, and metal-head tweezers.

Natural horn scales make each piece truly unique. Discontinued for quite some time, these are a must have piece for any SAK collection.

The price is $132 each.
84mm Horn Scale Golfer
Discontinued 74mm Horn, Steel, and Gold SAKs
Horn Scaled Accountant
Horn Scaled Accountants

Embossed Gold Ambassador
Embossed Gold Ambassador

This collection of 74mm SAKs contains some unique pieces, a number of which we have never seen before. As a result, the names of the models may not match the "official" Victorinox nomenclature.

Please see Swissbianco Photobucket Old Stock SAKs Album for pictures and model numbers.

The prices are:

0.6400.30 - Brushed Steel
Prince: $47;

0.6400.39 - Guilloche Steel
Prince: $47;

0.6500.30 - Brushed Steel
Windsor/Ambassador: $49;

0.6500.80 - Brushed Gold
Windsor/Ambassador: $92;

0.6500.88 - Embossed Gold
Windsor/Ambassador w/Cross: $138;

0.6502.61 - Horn Scaled
Ambassador: $81;

0.6600.30 - Brushed Steel
Director: $71;

0.6600.39 - Guilloche Steel
Director: $71;

0.6800.61 - Horn Scaled
Accountant: $59;

0.6800.61 - Horn Scaled
Accountant w/T&T: $68.
Discontinued 58mm Steel, Gold, and Enamel SAKs
As with 74mm SAKs above, this collection of 58mm pieces contains some unusual items for which our names may not be 100% accurate.

Please see Swissbianco Photobucket Old Stock SAKs Album for pictures and model numbers.

The prices are:

0.6200.30 - Brushed Steel
Ensign: $53;

0.6200.39 - Guilloche Steel
Ensign: $53;

0.6201.30 - Brushed Steel
Broker: $55;

0.6201.80 - Brushed Gold
Broker: $92;

0.6210.81 - Red Enamelled
Deluxe: $101;

0.6210.82 - Blue Enamelled
Deluxe: $101;

0.6210.83 - Black Enamelled
Deluxe: $101;

0.6210.85 - Bordeaux Enamelled
Deluxe: $101;

0.6210.86 - Brown Enamelled
Deluxe: $101.
Enameled Deluxe Deluxe: Black, Red, Bordeaux, Brown, and Blue

Brushed Steel Ensign Brushed Steel Ensign
Upcoming Events
I am continuing my preparations for the SHOT show (www.shotshow.org). This will be the first time Swissbianco exhibits at the world's largest dealer-only knife expo. This year the show is held in Las Vegas, Nevada. We will be located at Booth L104, if you attend, please stop by. Also, if there is enough interest, we will make a gathering outside the shot show on one of the evenings.

For 2010, we will work on offering more of the exciting SAK models, including another run of the Firesteel Farmer and Alox Bushcrafter. We will also focus on growing the company and offering more Swissbianco-designed products.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

+B Single Piece Collection "Store"
I am frequently asked what pieces I have in stock and ready to ship. As a result, I am now posting all the items available for purchase in +B SAK for Sale Photobucket album, with the price and stock number of the item listed in the description.

As the items are sold, they are removed from the listing, so, check the album often, and act quickly! Please contact me for any question you may have about the pieces listed.

Also, starting in 2010, I am now listing some pieces for sale on eBay, as SwissBianco.
Swissbianco Forums and Photos
For up to date information on Swissbinco projects, please check out our forums: Swissbianco on KnifeForums.com, Swissbianco on Messerforum.net (in German), and Swissbianco on Knives.pl (in Polish).

You can find the latest Swissbianco photos in Swissbianco Photobucket.
Dealers Carrying +BIANCO Products
While I continue to sell most of my work direct, a limited selection of +B products is available through the following dealers:

    YouWantIt2.com ( http://youwantit2.com/SWISSBIANCO.html)

In Germany:
    fehlschaerfe.de ( http://fehlschaerfe.de)

In Austria:
    Viennacutlery ( http://www.viennacutlery.com/)

Ordering Information
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Before paying, please make sure that:
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I accept payments through my PayPal account: paypal at swissbianco.com

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