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 Issue 2009, vol. 5 
Hello from Switzerland!

I am back in my country to work on more knives and tools in preparation for the SHOT show. While here, I decided to address some of the many requests coming from Swissbianco friends around the world, which resulted in the three models of sought-after SAKs offered to you in this newsletter.

For additional photos of the items featured in this newsletter and more, please visit our Swissbianco Photobucket SAK Album. You can also click on images in the newsletter to see higher resolution pictures,
Swiss Cross Scaled Rucksack SAK
Swiss Cross Rucksack First, we have the Swiss-only version of the Rucksack, a 111mm SAK with main blade, saw, can and bottle openers, corkscrew and awl. The blade locks with the side lock.

This limited-run version has Swiss cross pattern on the scales (front and back!), it was made for a Swiss-based company, and has not been available for sale outside of Switzerland, until now. 

They are brand new in original package. The price is $45 each.
Wenger Standard Issue '08
Second, we have the last batch of the Wenger 08-stamped Standard Issue SAK.

These mark the end of the era of 1961-model alox Sodier's Knife. In addition, since Swiss army contract is now filled only by Victorinox, the 08 model SI marks the end of a 100-year plus history of  Wenger's military contract.

While similar to Victorinox Soldier model, the Wenger's SIs have bail, which is preferred by many users. These are offered for $30 each.
08 Wenger
Camo Armee OHT SAK
Armee OHT Lastly, being back in Switzerland, I want to again offer you the 90 camo OHT Armee SAK.

This is a rare transition model between the alox Soldier and the new army issue 111mm Soldier. This model was introduced to satisfy the demand from Swiss soldiers for a SAK similar to the German Army knife, and it is still carried by some Swiss soldiers. This is, in a way, a historic piece, as it lead the way within the Swiss army to adopt the 111mm OHT-based model as the new official SAK.

The tools on this SAK are identical to the OHT (except the corkscrew instead of the Phillips). Both front and back scales have the swiss army 1990 camo pattern. The price is $60 each.
Upcoming Projects
Relatively soon we will have a run of orange alox Lumberjacks,  the digital camo 111mm SAK is almost ready, and the fileworked sak parts are about to be tested, so things are really moving on the SAK front!

We are also making another attempt to build 111mm alox SAK, and more of the alox Bushcrafter is coming too.

In January we will exhibit at the SHOT sow in Las Vegas, and I hope until then the problems we were having as a result of burgulary will be finally gone.

Stay tuned for more exciting stuff from Swissbianco!

Best regards (and Happy Thanksgiving to our USA friends),

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