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 Issue 2014, vol. 3 

We just got in an exciting new variety of Swiss Army Knives from Ibach, Switzerland. We have 2 brand new colors, the "Moonlight Silver" and the "Naranja Orange" - the brightest, strongest orange made so far. Swissbianco exclusive models - Bushcrafter and Lumberjack in Naranja Orange are perfect for survival and outdoor.

With fewer and fewer cans requiring can opener, in this run we have 3 colours of the Rancher model, which replaces the can opener of the Soldier with the versatile pruner/hawkbill blade. The blue and olive green are available in a very limited number.

Not to disappoint the loyal fans and collectors of the Soldier and Farmer models we had them made in the moonlight silver colour, which looks close to the Davy's Gray, but does not have the bluish tint. We also have 84mm (Cadet and Cadet Plus) and 58mm (Rambler) models in moonlight silver, along with a brand new model in Davy's Gray - the "Vagabond M", which replaces nailfile implement with the handy little ruler.

Some Farmer and Vagabond M pieces were also assembled into a very limited number of Swissbianco trademark splash version. You can see the videos of the latest run models on Swissbianco YouTube Channel.

Finally, we also received some pieces of the black with red/sliver shield Pioneer, currently available only in Europe. We are hoping to have some more special pieces for Christmas, we will see what we from Ibach in time!

Best Regards.

Naranja Orange Alox SAKs
Naranja Orange Lumberjack
We have the following Naranja Orange SAKs with red/silver shield:
  • Lumberjack (main blade, combo tool, wood saw, 84mm): US$55 / CAD$62
  • Bushcrafter (main blade, awl, wood saw, 93mm): US$60 / CAD$67
  • Rancher (main blade, awl blade, bottle opener, pruning blade, 93mm): US$70 / CAD$78
Naranja Orange Rancher
Naranja Orange Bushcrafter
Moonlight Silver Alox SAKs
We have the following Moonlight Silver SAKs with red/silver shield:
  • Rambler (small blade, scissors, nail file with flat screwdriver, bottle opener with magnetic Phillips screwdriver tip & wire stripper, keyring, 58mm): US$55 / CAD$62
  • Cadet (main blade, nail file, bottle opener, can opener, keyring, 84mm): US$70 / CAD$78
  • Cadet Plus (main blade, small blade, wood saw, bottle opener, can opener, keyring, 84mm): US$65 / CAD$72
  • Alox 2011 Soldier (main blade, awl, bottle opener, can opener, 93mm): US$70 / CAD$78
  • Farmer (main blade, awl, wood saw, bottle opener, can opener, keyring, 93mm): US$80 / CAD$90

Moonlight Silver Cadet

Moonlight Silver Rambler
Moonlight Silver Cadet Plus
Moonlight Silver Farmer
Moonlight Silver Alox 2011 Soldier
Victorinox "Vagabond M" Davy's Gray Alox SAK
We have a brand new 58mm model in Davy's Gray colour. The model is similar to Swissbianco exclusive alox Vagabond, except it replaces nailfile with the ruler, resulting in the following tool set:
  • Small blade
  • Scissors
  • Emergency blade
  • Orange peeler blade with scraper
  • Bottle opener with magnetic Phillips screwdriver tip & wire stripper
  • Ruler with flat screwdriver
  • Key ring

Price: US$60 / CAD$67 each.
Limited Edition Splash Farmer and Vagabond, Blue and Green Rancher and Red Bushcrafter
We have a very limited number of splash alox Farmers and original configuration Vagabond SAKs.

Please e-mail for availability and price.

Splash pieces are not currently available outside of the US.

We also have a few Ranchers in blue and olive green (US$120 / CAD$135 each ) and red Bushcrafters (US$100 / CAD$112 each ).
Splash Farmers
Splash Vagabonds
Green Rancher
Blue Rancher
Red Bushcrafter
Limited Edition Tom Stratton Filework on Marlin Spike SAKs
A handful of marlin spike alox SAKs are available with filework by Tom Stratton.

The numbers are very limited. Please e-mail for availability and price.

Not available outside of the US.
Black Alox Pioneer with Red/Silver Shield
We have imported a limited number of black alox Pioneers with red/silver Victorinox shield.

Price: US$60 / CAD$68 each.
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