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i thank you for the interest in my work. im still having the flu that slow it down an bit but soon im back in usa* until christmas, working in my new shop.
as soon new models are finished or i have else for sale, i will offer that in coming newsletters, also its an way to keep an closer look on my work
splash/blue/red farmer sak:
the splash alox scales are in ibach to be assembled. there will be 29 pcs of farmer sak assembled plus 30 pcs blue farmers and 7 pcs red farmer sak waiting in usa for me. www.knifeforums.com/forums/showtopicphp?tid/800465/
91mm lumberjack plus and yeoman mechanic:
with flu, i did assemble last sat the first 91mm lumberjack plus (with philips and stayglow scales) and yeoman mechanic (with pliers and red trans plus scales) and all 20 pcs of the 91 lumberjack plus are ready assembled for rivetting, for the yeoman plus i have to reorder parts soon and theres also the possibility to make say 5 of them with the electric scale. www.knifeforums.com/forums/showtopicphp?tid/803593
oht alox & clip:
one of the goals of the coming us trip is the manufacturing of an limited run of alox scales for the 111 oht, red anodised, with tip up/down clip and also tweezers, toothpic, pen and needle. the now splash anodised handmade proto is soon shown on www.knifeforums.com/forums/showtopicphp?tid/799958

+B NeckAngel: 
also in usa are still the next run of my NeckAngel knives, to be laserengraved and then theyr finished and for sale. various models and configurations, from black, blasted, paracordwrapped or sceleton, black, blue, red, orange, camo and what else kydex, clear see tru included! www.messerforum.net/showthread.php?=43522
Tops/+B SBT
still new is my collaboration with tops, mike fuller make my SwissBasicTool and its either avaliable directly from me or tops knives. www.messerforum.net/showthread.php?=41013 soon there will be custom sheaths for this knife avaliable that allow an more universal carry in many diffrent positions than the factory one.
in usa, where my work isent banned as in switzerland, i will work on some automatic, assistentopener and folder designs, protos for an possible lizense and custom made. an new lock, the BigBoyLock is finished in bigger folder proto in usa and also the SafeAction single motion automatic switchblade. i will work on some more ultralight laminated knives, mainly the OPT2 and SmallSwissDagger too. www.knifeforums.com/forums/showtopicphp?tid/801366/
theres a lot of work waiting, an new easy to carry prytool design called PocketPryBar and the keychain tool that i like myself a lot, my SwissKeyTool. currently theres joust to many things going on, since the swiss bureocratics have banned my work, theres not mutch money to gain but steelwork for life and that thake most of the time instead making knives, tools and arms in freedom. have apply for an sponsored grreen card and hope to emigrate soon and finish with that swiss nonsense.
wartime sak for sale:
was on an swiss market last weekend and did find some old sak, 3 of them i have for sale. theyr the same wartime model as shown on the older pic, the bigger ones, sorry no pics possible, my new digicam wait in ga, its a lot cheaper there.
1 pcs victorinox, nice tangstamp of the name and the crossbow, sharpened blade, say 7mm shorter than usual, made in 1945 with 45 tangstamp. swiss army issue, the waffen stamp is still an bit visual, the round but the cross is gone, red fiber scales, verry unusual brass rivets on the scales and steel rivet for the blade, never saw that.
springs are verry strong and works, the awl is an bit sharpened from use, the canopener ans screwdriver are verry good, the red fiber scales are close to the liners, only lifted up an little, no visual rust. $ 110 plus shipping*
1 pcs elsener schwyz, nice tangstamp of the name, verry good blade, made in 1939, 39 tangstamp. swiss army issue, good visual waffen stamp, red fiber scales are an bit more used than the top one, like new awl, canopener and screwdriver, strong springs, standart steel rivets, scales close to the liners, some lifting. $ 110 plus shipping*
1 pcs wenger delemont, stronger resharpened blade, wenger is near gone but delemont is clear to read, made in 1942, 42 stamp with P in front (private) and swiss army issue, the round waffen stamp is 99% gone but still to see if you now where its located. stronger resharpened awl, verry good screwdriver and canopener, red fiber scales are the most used of all 3 here, crack by the rivets after the bolsters, some lifting, but still an verry good example of sutch an early sak. $ 95 plus shipping*
please let me now if you are interested.
my edc swiss watch:
since more than 10 years i edc watches from an close by factory, traser. they use an swiss patented tritium selfpowerded system that allow you to clear and fast read your watch under any conditions. im prowd to sell those watches with the original swiss labe and not the us "big ugly shield" versions. www.traserh3watches.com
thanks a lot for your interest, i will do my best and make quality knives and tools for the user and collector.
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