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 Issue 2017, vol. 2 
Greetings from SwissBianco!

First introduced at the Blade Show, we have several exciting new products, including more high-end SAK scales and firearms parts.

Also, as we are building our dealer network, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Lorenzi in Vienna, Austria. They now stock SwissBianco products.

Best Regards.

Titanium scales for 91mm SAK
product image
Titanium Scales in Two-Tone (top), Matte, and Satin Finish
product image
Titanium Scales in Satin Finish with Multi-Color Splash Anodizing
The SwissBianco 100% titanium scales for 91mm size SAK were launched and are now available. There are several finish styles of titanium scales, which all come in "plus" configuration:
  • Satin (CNC milling): US$32 / C$45
  • Matte (blasted): US$35 / C$45
  • Two-tone finish: US$35 / C$45 (currently only available in the US)
  • Satin and Matte with color anodizing: US$47 / C$61 (see US web store and eBay listings)

Each multi-colored splash scale set is unique, with no two sets alike. The splash anodizing on the matte scales appears much like camo/stealth, while on the satin version the splash is bright and reflective. These splash scales are available for a limited time only and in very limited quantities.
Titanium Drinking Straws with Splash Anodizing
A stylish and refreshing product now available are titanium drinking straws featuring the Swiss Bianco “splash” anodizing. These are sold as a set that includes a cleaning brush. These unique and reusable straws eliminate the plastic waste of regular straws, and if you previously cool the straws will also help to chill your beverage of choice.

These items are available for US shipping only and are listed in the US web store.
product image
Titanium Drinking Straws
AR Rifle Parts
product image
AR Lower
product image
AR Ejection Port Cover
Another exciting new product is for collectors and users of AR platform rifles. SwissBianco is now offering an AR 80% lower. These are non-FFL parts and can easily and legally be homebuilt and completed into a 100% AR lower – ready for your next AR platform build project.

Also available for your 80% lower are laser engraved, matching ejection port covers. More AR products and accessories will be introduced over the coming months.

These items are available for US shipping only and are listed in the US web store.
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