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 Issue 2010, vol. 3 

This has been a busy summer so far, from the Blade show in Atlanta, GA, to building up my workshop, to updating the web site, to working on multiple projects. For this newsletter, which comes out on August 1st (the day Switzerland was founded), we chose a number of unique Swissbianco offerings and we hope you will enjoy them!

Custom Configuration OHT and Dual Pro Based SAKs
Orange Alox Firesteel Farmer
OH Locksmith (Phillips and Corkscrew versions) with Dual Density Scales

Plain Silver Alox Bushcrafter
Dual Pro with Wood Saw and Metal File/Saw with StayGlow scales
Swissbianco is frequently asked about custom SAK configurations, and in the past we tried to respond to these requests with limited special orders (+B Yeoman, PE New Soldier, etc.).

Now we are taking a slightly different approach - we will assemble an OHT or Dual Pro based configurations to order. The pricing will be based on the blade configuration (see below).

All configurations include the following:
- OH Opening Plain Edge Main Blade (add $15 for file-worked main blade)
- Opener layer (Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Awl)

No charge options are:
- Phillips screwdriver or Corkscrew (add $1.50 for mini screwdriver)
- Red/Black Dual Density or StayGlow scales.

Note: at the moment we only have StayGlow scales with "Rescue Tool" inscription. We expect to get "plain" StayGlow scales, as well as Grey/Black Dual Density, and possibly Green/Black New Soldier Scales.
The tool configurations and prices are:
- Metal File/Saw ("Master RT"): $65
- Wood Saw and Metal File/Saw ("OH Locksmith"): $75
- OH Rescue Blade and Wood Saw ("Dual Pro Fireman"): $85
- OH Rescue Blade and Metal File/Saw ("Dual Pro Master"): $85
- OH Rescue Blade, Wood Saw, and Metal File/Saw ("Dual Pro Locksmith"): $95

When ordering, please specify tool configuration, Corkscrew/Phillips selection, and scale selection.
Black Alox Farmer
We have commissioned a 27-piece special run of Black Alox Farmers, and have a very limited number of pieces available for purchase at $55 each.

Once these are sold out, we may request another run of the similar size. It will be done on the pre-order basis, based on demand, and may happen in a number of months, or not at all. So, if you have been waiting for one of these, now is the time to get it!
Embossed Gold Ambassador
Black Alox Farmer
Digital Camo OHT with Clip
Mother of Pearl Executive
Digital Camo OHT with Clip

As one of our projects, we experimented with blade and scale pattern coating. This resulted in a limited run of unique One-Hand Trekkers, which are special in a number of ways, including Digital Camo coated main blade, pocket clip, and scales. The standard Victorinox clip scales were altered to create a cut-out for Phillips screwdriver. This alteration, as well as blade and clip coating are, as always, Victorinox factory-approved.

These special OHTs are available for $95 each.

We also have a number of sets of Digital Camo, Milticam, and Atex Camo scales for slider-lock models available for $22 each set.
Ongoing and Upcoming Projects and Events
Our 3rd run of Yeoman with customer-selected scales was an overwhelming success, and if the demand continues, we will be ordering more. We are also continuing to experiment with the Yeoman-based configurations. For the regional Candlepower flashlight forum get together in North-West Georgia we test-assembled the first "Cyber-Yeoman", by adding bit-driver/bit-holder layer. This combination works really well, providing both a dedicated #2 Phillips driver, and a selection of 9 different double-ended screwdriver bits to tackle any "cyber job"!

We a number of projects on the go, including more alox, special blades, and more. There are also some exciting new products coming from Victorinox in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for the next newsletter!

Best regards,

+B Single Piece Collection "Store"
We are often listing "vintage", "one of a kind", and a limited number of "just released" pieces for sale on eBay, as SwissBianco.
Swissbianco Forums and Photos
You can follow the breaking news on Swissbianco projects through Swissbianco Facebook Page.

For discussion of Swissbianco projects, please check out our forums: Swissbianco on BladeForums.com, Swissbianco on KnifeForums.com, Swissbianco on Messerforum.net (in German), and Swissbianco on Knives.pl (in Polish).

You can find the latest Swissbianco photos in Swissbianco Photobucket.
Dealers Carrying +BIANCO Products
While I continue to sell most of my work direct, a limited selection of +B products is available through the following dealers:

    YouWantIt2.com ( http://youwantit2.com/SWISSBIANCO.html)

In Germany:
    fehlschaerfe.de ( http://fehlschaerfe.de)

In Austria:
    Viennacutlery ( http://www.viennacutlery.com/)

Ordering Information
For general equiries about Swiss Bianco and for US orders, please click here.
For Canadian orders, please click here.

Before paying, please make sure that:
  • You ask me first if the limited goods are still available.
  • You confirm with me the shipping price for your order. All prices in the newsletter do not include shipping, unless noted otherwise.

I accept payments through my PayPal account: paypal at swissbianco.com

When paying, please include the following information in PayPal message:
  • Your correct shipping address.
  • The list of goods you are ordering.
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