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 Issue 2011, vol. 8 

An exciting and productive year is drawing to a close, and we are looking forward to 2012, which promises to be just as exciting. To celebrate the end of the year we have some nice items in stock and ready to ship.

For 2012 we work hard to offer more interesting items and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Victorinox Damascus 111mm One-Hand Trekker
This 111mm SAK has New Soldier tool configuration, but with the handmade Damasteel stainless Damascus blade and dual density green/black scales with Victorinox logo. The blades were custom handmade by myself, as a prototype of a 111mm one-hand opening Damascus SAK, and we have only a few of these. Available in 3 different pattern styles, each piece is one of a kind. See our Youtube video for a more detailed look at this SAK.

The price is $290 each.
Victorinox Silver Alox Micro-Farmer
This SAK, which adds a wood saw to the now discontinued Victorinox Cadet II model, is basically a smaller (84mm) version of a popular Farmer SAK. Added thickness, compared to Cadet and Lumberjack models, offers a more comfortable grip for those with larger hands. Check out our Youtube video) of this excellent new offering from Victorinox and Swiss Bianco.

The price is $53 each.
Yeoman Mechanic
Victorinox Silver Alox Lumberjack
Our Victorinox Silver Alox Lumberjack was featured in the most recent issue of Tactical Knives magazine. It is packed with the essential functions in the compact 84mm size, and can serve, among other things, as a central piece in your essential survival kit - it fits very nicely in an empty Altoids tin! See our Youtube video for more details on this great little SAK.

The price is $48 each (Altoids tin sold separately).
Victorinox Silver Alox Firesteel Farmer
The Firesteel Farmer SAK was featured in the most recent issue of Tactical Knives magazine, along with the Alox Lumberjack. This SAK features the hardened firesteel attachment for use with flint. See our Youtube video) for a more in-depth look, and another Youtube video for fire making demonstration.

When we were visited at the Blade Show 2011 by Mr. Elsener Jr. and his wife, Veronika, who stopped by our booth for a chat, they received a demonstration of the Firesteel Farmer. You can see Damon striking the firesteel on a blue alox model, as the Elseners and myself look on.

The price is $80 each.

Splash Anodized Titanium Whistles
Our friends at 4sevens manufacture some excellent titanium whistles and I splash anodised a handful of them. The results were great, see our Youtube video for a closer look. There were only a few made and each piece is unique, like a fingerprint.

The price is $30 each for the small and $50 for the large whistle.
Swissbianco™ Ultralight OPT2™
The Swissbianco™ ultralight custom handmade OPT2™ (one-purpose tool, version 2) knife is now available in more colors, including sand and olive green. See our Youtube video for the detailed description of its construction offering ultra-light weight. We believe that this construction is the future of tactical knives.

The price is $155 each.
SAK scales
We have a stock of brand new 84mm, 91mm and 111mm Victorinox SAK scales, from eco nylon to 91mm red, blue, and white "plus" versions to 91mm and 111mm stayglow. We also have toothpicks, tweezers, pens and pins to allow you to "plus" your SAK or simply refresh a used piece you got for cheap off eBay. Contact us for details.

The price for most scales is $10 per set (front and back scale).
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Dealers Carrying Swissbianco™ Products
While I continue to sell most of my work direct, a limited selection of +B products is available through the following dealers:

    YouWantIt2.com ( http://youwantit2.com/SWISSBIANCO.html)

In Germany:
    fehlschaerfe.de ( http://fehlschaerfe.de)

In Austria:
    Viennacutlery ( http://www.viennacutlery.com/)

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