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Swiss Bianco Logo As the Canadian representative of Swiss Bianco, we carry an assortment of products announced in the past and current editions of Swiss Bianco Newsletters, which can be found in Swiss Bianco Newsletter Archive.

Swiss Bianco Logo We are also an authorized Canadian dealer for Victorinox Swiss Army Knives (including spare parts and accessories), as well as Victorinox Cutlery Products.

If you live in Canada (or elsewhere in the world, except the USA - American residents, please visit Swiss Bianco USA) and would like to purchase any of these products, please submit your request through the Contact Us Form. Please list the items you are interested in, along with your postal code, so that we can calculate shipping cost and taxes (GST or HST, depending on your province of residence). We will respond with a PayPal invoice for the items you ordered.

Currently, we have the following Swiss Bianco items in stock (prices on this page are either in US or Canadian dollars, as indicated, and are subject to change without notice):

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Red Alox 111mm Plus scales
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Red Alox 111mm Plus scales with clip
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Blue G10 91mm scales
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Dark Green Alox 91mm scales
Swiss Bianco™ Special Scales for 91mm and 111mm SAK are precision CNC-machined from G10 and aluminium sheets Alox scales feature slots for Toothpick, Tweezers, Ballpoint pen, and Straight Pin. G10 scales have slots for toothpick and tweezers only.

Note on Mounting: Metal, G10, and carbon filber scales cannot be mounted on the SAK in the same way as the plastic (cellidor or nylon), by simply snapping them on. The mounting can be done with epoxy glue (recommended) or 1mm thick industrial double-sided tape (for semi-permanent installation). Mounting materials are not included. The buyer is advised to "test fit" the scales on the knife before gluing. The scales were machined with tight tolerances and it is possible that the protruding pins on the knife may need to be filed down (level with the bushings) to avoid a gap between the scales and the liners. When applying epoxy or tape, please be careful to not obstruct the accessories channels.

91mm G10 scales price: US$21/set.
91mm Alox Plus scales price: US$31/set.
111mm Alox Plus scales (no pocket clip) price: US$80/set.
111mm Alox Plus scales with pocket clip price: US$95/set.
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Swiss Bianco™ Splash Anodized Titanium Light My Fire® Spork:
  • Designed by J. Nordwall
  • Length: 17cm
  • Weight: 20gm
  • Each piece has unique splash anodizing pattern

Price: US$18.
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